Health Disparities Award

MAS recognizes major research contribution that helps further the understanding of disparities in various areas such as cancer, cardiovascular, and metabolic (diabetes) disorders, to name a few. With the rising cost of healthcare coupled with a labor force that is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, addressing health disparities is even more important for our economy. Recognizing innovative contributions in health disparities research ultimately leads to a more healthy, engaged and productive environment.

Award Criteria
Nominees must be active MAS members for at least five consecutive years. Nominators must submit a detailed essay describing the candidate’s efforts to address health disparities and support of diverse workforce. Nominators should include in their submission an emphasis on new innovation/leadership or pioneering role of the nominee in research.
Submission Requirements
1. Nominee’s up to date CV
2. Nominator’s cover letter describes how the nominator addressed health disparities research includes specific program(s) he/she implemented to reduce health disparities among different racial & ethnic groups.
3. List of active and completed competitive (NIH, NSF, HRSA, etc.) funded grant proposals that dealt specifically with health disparities.

4. A copy of at least five publications in peer-reviewed journals related to health disparities.

5. Leadership role in national and/or international organizations in health disparities

Application Submission & Deadline
Please submit your Word document and any supporting materials electronically to MAS office via
Qualified applicants will be forwarded to the chair of MAS Outstanding Health Disparities Award committee (four members including chair) to make recommendations to the board for the top recipient.

Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. EST November 15, 2023.

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