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Research Articles

Butterflies of Mississippi: A Field Checklist-Bryant Mather, Eve Dingus, and Mary Stevens

Projections of the Caudal Ventrolateral Medulla to the Phrenic Nucleus in the Rat-S. G. Patrick Hardy, J. G. Horecky, and K. G. Presley

Summary of the Geology of the Chalybeate, Miss.-Tenn., 7.5 Minute Topographic Quadrangle, Tippah County-Charles T. Swann

In the Laboratory

Hemoglobin Electrophoresis-Robert G. Hamilton and Prentiss G. Cox

Special Papers

The Search for a New Non-toxic Insecticide: Glutamate Receptors and the Righting Reflex in Crickets-Laura B. Eichhorn

Anti-cancer Effect of Broccoli: Brassica oleracea Selective Inhibition of Transformed Mammalian Cells and Mechanisms of Action-Adam A. Friedman

Evaluation of the Natural Antitermitic Properties of Aleurites fordii (Tung Tree) Extracts-Rachel A. Hutchins


Editorial-Ken Curry

Executive Officer's Column-John Boyle

Mississippi Junior Academy of Sciences-Joan Messer

Divisional Report-Joseph Kolibal & Govinda Weerakkody

Dudley F. Peeler Outstanding Contribution to the Mississippi Academy of Sciences Award